Ever walk into someone’s house and think ‘wow- this looks good!’? It may simply be because you’re making these common mistakes when you are decorating your home.

Here are the biggest decorating mistakes  you may be making when decorating your house:

Mistake #1: Blocking Natural light

Natural light really helps your space feel brighter, more natural, and larger. A common mistake people make is putting large blinds covering the natural light, or placing furniture to cover the window.

Mistake #2: Hanging art at the wrong height

Many homeowners set up their frames or wall art incorrectly. Either it’s too high, too low, or the wrong scale for the space.  Ditch the “Eye Level” Rule when you’re hanging your art. This doesn’t work, and if you’re tall. Instead, think of the wall in 4 sections vertically. Then place your art in the 3rd section up from the floor. Don’t go in the 2nd or the 4th…that’s when you’ll be in the too high or too low territory!

Mistake #3: Having too many throw cushions

How do you know if you have too many throw cushions? You may have too many throw cushions if you can’t sit down without removing some off the couch. There is no specific number as it is very much determined by the size and layout of your furniture and room. Be practical when choosing your throw cushions.

Mistake #4: A cluttered kitchen

Those kitchen knick-knack’s can seem helpful at first, but can clutter your kitchen making it difficult to use and reduce your productivity. Avocado slicers, apple corers, toaster ovens, egg slicer, and excess coffee mugs are just a few things that you can clear out to unclutter your kitchen.

Mistake #5: Choosing the paint colour first

Paint is relatively cheap and easy to change, yet it’s usually one of the first things people go for when starting to decorate their home.

Mistake #6: opting for style over comfort

We’ve all been to a friend’s house and though, that couch is beautiful, only to sit down and realize it feels like you’re sitting on a rock. Your house is a place you and your family can wind down together after a busy day, and it’s important to remember function and comfort come first.

Mistake #7: Don’t rely only on overhead lighting

A well chosen overhead lighting fixture can be a key feature in a room, however don’t rely on it as your only light source. Add light sources such as wall sconces, floor lamps, table lights, and under cabinet lighting can add an elevated feeling to your home.

Mistake #8: Creating too much of a ‘theme’ in a single room

While having an overall theme and design influence can be a great thing, don’t go overboard on one theme. Sure, picking out that anchor nautical theme throw cushion can be cute, but avoid picking up every décor accent you see with an anchor on it.

Mistake #9: Having too many Dust Collectors

From that shot glass from a trip to Mexico, to your childhood baby slippers, or your husband’s collection of model cars; sometimes less is more when it comes to displaying items. Don’t get me wrong, some random conversation starters are great. But there is a fine line between quirky and cluttered.

Mistake #10: Choosing the wrong size of rug

When an area rug is too large or small, it can make a room feel disjointed. Every piece of conversation furniture, sofas and chairs, should touch the area rug. If your rug is too small consider laying it with an additional rug at a different angle to bring in a contemporary feel.

Stop making these decorating mistakes today to optimize your home. Need a new home? See what’s available in British Columbia and Saskatchewan