Creating the ideal guest room! As the Chilliwack community continues to grow, many people are moving here from other areas including Vancouver. When moving over an hour away from your friends and family, having a guest bedroom makes it easier for people to come visit you.

Finding your Westbow Home

Westbow builds homes with various numbers of bedrooms from 2 to 4 plus the option in many units of adding a finished basement with additional rooms.

Many of our currently selling homes at Elk Creek have 3 to 4 bedrooms. The Galiano features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large bonus room that would make an ideal guestroom. The Sechelt home houses 4 bedrooms and has a large foyer open to the below area, making it a stunning and welcoming home for Guests.


Decorating and Furnishing your Guest Suite

guest room.jpg

Once you’ve settled into your Westbow home it’s time to move forward with decorating your guest suite. You can let your imagination run wild to come up with interesting themes that reflect your taste. You can use bold colors or muted neutrals, depending on the moods you want to create.

The most important part of any guest room is a bed. Make sure to choose a queen or king sized bed to accommodate visiting couples such as your parents or in-laws. Don’t forget the linens. A bed takes up a lot of room and whatever you use as a comforter or bedspread will dominate the room’s style and color. Depending on the season and your house heating preferences, you may want to include an extra blanket on the bed to keep your guests cozy.

guest room-2.jpg

When choosing window coverings, make sure they match. You may also want to consider blackout curtains so that your guests can sleep into the day in case they have jet lag or arrived late in the night.

Depending on your guests and the length of their stay, they may require some additional comforts. Keeping the WiFi password handy and in the room, ensures they’ll be able to connect if needed. We love the idea of creating an image or sign like the below to keep you from having to go password hunting.

guest room- 3.png

Additionally, if you are planning on having visitors for long term stays, a television in the guest room can provide your guests with entertainment.



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