When you’re first choosing to move to a new home there are a few initial decisions that need to be made: Where will your new home be? What is your budget? How big of a space do you need? And will you be buying an older home or a new build home?

There are many advantages to buying a new build home, here are just a few:

Advantage 1- It’s new:

There is something to be said for the desirability of moving into a home that nobody has lived in before. Everything is clean and every detail, from the new appliances to the molding along the baseboards was put there specifically for your use. If you’re someone who likes to keep things extra clean or is worried about scary surprises from a resale home, starting from scratch is a great way to go.

Advantage 2 – You can customize it:

If you purchase a Westbow home in the preconstruction period, you may have the option to add some customization including choosing your colour scheme. This means that your home can reflect you and your family 100%.

Advantage 3 – No worries about replacing items:

When you buy an older home there is a chance that some of the items may need to be replaced. This can include the hot water tank, furnace, appliances, and even the roof. These additional costs can add up quickly if they’re not something you originally planned for.

Advantage 4- Energy Efficiency:

Newer homes are built to newer energy efficient standards. This is reflected in items from the heating and cooling systems to the windows. The energy efficiency can save you money in the long term.

Advantage 5- Warranty:

Many new builders, including Westbow, offer warranty and deficiency checks after you move into your new home, so you can feel secure knowing if something isn’t 100% right, we’ll fix it.

Thinking about buying a new build home? Westbow builds home in Chilliwack, British Columbia and Warman and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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