Summer officially beings June 21st, but for many of us it is already in full swing. Plans for camping, family BBQ’s, and vacations are on everyone’s mind. This is also a great time of the year to get your Westbow home ready for the summer season.

Outdoor spaces

Clean your Outdoor Space- A yearly clean of your space will make a huge difference. Power washing your siding, deck, and driveway is a great way to clean your space quickly and efficiently.

Gardening– Your garden can completely transform your outdoor space. Planting blooming flowers in baskets and pots can not only brighten up your yard with a splash of colour, but flowers such as marigolds have been shown to deter pests from your yard or balcony.

Outdoor living– Get your patio ready for hosting company. Finding fresh outdoor lighting options, dusting off your patio chairs and table, and adding new décor accents can refresh your outdoor space. Make sure your BBQ grill is ready to go this season by making sure everything is clean and in working order before you fire it up. This includes checking your propane level, inspecting fuel lines, and making sure everything is free from spiders.

Clean Windows- The sunshine through your windows will highlight the smudge and dirt that has built up over the winter and spring. Now is the ideal time to clean both the inside and outsides of your windows.


Lawn care- British Columbia Springs lead to mossy lawns that dry out in the Summer. Taking care of your lawn now will save you time later in the year. Pull weeds from the grass, plant extra seed, and water according to Chilliwack’s guidelines.

Interior Spaces


Brighten up your Space – As the summer temperature rises you most likely will be spending more time outdoors rather than indoors, but that doesn’t mean that you want your indoor space to not represent the season. Simple changes such as exchanging curtains for blinds to let the sun in and changing out dark throw cushions for light pastels will make a huge change to the space.

Air it out- Open all the windows, shake out the rugs, and update home fragrances to fit summer moods. Letting the clean air in and getting rid of built up dust will refresh your home and mood.

Check your Air Conditioner – As the summer heat climbs up you’ll be thankful you checked your air conditioner. The first step is changing the system’s filter. Clogged and dirty filters make air conditioning systems work harder, stay on longer, and cost more to run. Second to this, you’ll need to test your Air Conditioner to ensure it is running cold.

Clean out your Garage or Basement- Tackle a big space that makes a big difference. Our garages and basements often become dumping grounds for seasonal decorations and clothing, items that don’t fit in cabinets, memorabilia and maintenance tools. Go through your items and sort by keep, garbage, and donate.

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Once your space is summer ready and redecorated you will want to show it off! Plan a summer BBQ or dinner party and enjoy your hard work