Westbow Gives Back

Serving Others Since 1977

Dick Westeringh established Westbow Construction in 1977 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Dick's team is not only a group of quality home builders but they are a team of caring professionals. That's why it's part of Westbow's vision to give back to people less fortunate then ourselves. So what is the Westbow vision for giving back?

Our Vision

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Westbow Construction Group Ltd. has been partnering with Hungry for Life to touch the lives of the people of Haiti, the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere.Our team has also partnered with Haiti Free School Project and is donating $500 from homes sold to the project. Every $500 sponsors a child’s education for a year! That means everytime you partner with us your helping build schools and educate underprivileged kids in Haiti. We'd just like to say thank you for supporting our Team's Vision for Giving Back.

Your Support

$500 from the sale of each Westbow home puts a child in school for a year! Thank you from all of us at Team Westbow.

Our Mission

Hungry for Life is an organization that was founded in 1997 and holds the vision that the people of Haiti are in control of their futures. They equip the people with the necessary tools, facilities, and skills to make a living.Westbow Construction Group Ltd. has been working alongside Hungry for Life as they see the potential of the people of Haiti and want to see them succeed.Westbow has two main focuses in Haiti. The first is a university/housing project that gives people what they need to pursue a career, jobs for the construction of the project, and skills that can be used once Westbow teams have returned to Canada.The second is a school in Mirebelais, Haiti that provides the poorest of the poor with an opportunity to be educated. Westbow’s goal is not to work for Haiti but, rather, work with. Our goal is to have a lasting impact long after these projects are completed.Westbow’s failure and success is in God’s hand and we pray that He will bless our work in Haiti!

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